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2 weeks ago

Creating Word Nerds

At the end of each school year, students and teachers are both ready for a long and relaxing summer break. End-of-year projects offer a fun and unique way to tie lessons together. At St. Paul School in Westerville, OH, teacher Angela Kuhn had a challenge for her students to express their inner “word nerd.” She …

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2 months ago

March Membean Madness

Are you looking for ways to motivate your students to learn vocabulary? Friendly competition and pizza could be the answer you’re looking for! For students at Alan B. Shephard High School in Palos Heights, Illinois it was a driving factor. They competed in their first annual “March Membean Madness” contest to win a class pizza …

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3 months ago

Writing Assignments with an Interesting Twist

Knowing a word is not an all-or-nothing proposition. Knowledge of a word exists on a competency spectrum: from simply knowing a single meaning or pronunciation to a high-quality mental representation that allows for the confident, full-fledged use of a word. Of the various word-learning activities that students can engage in, constructing an original sentence using …

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3 months ago

Multi-Correct Multiple Choice Questions.

Want harder questions to ensure that your student really knows a word?  We have them!  This week you’ll have the ability to include multi-correct sentence multiple choice questions on assessments for your high-school classes. What is it? A multi-correct question, also known as a SATA (Select All That Apply) question, is a multiple-choice question that requires a student …

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4 months ago

Doing Good Through Membean – The Bean Stream

“It was one of those ‘Why not?’ moments. I wanted to push myself to do something fun and charity got tied in along the way!” – recalled Jalen Sur of the Hawaii Baptist Academy. Who knew a few jokes with friends after cross country practice could turn into making a real impact for their community? …

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10 months ago

Learning Roots for Fun and Profit

The English language is particularly well endowed with words. The enormous number of possible words that can appear on a standardized test requires a structured attack that has to go beyond learning every possible word. It is with this in mind that each Membean word has a Word Ingredient Memlet that describes how a word …