Posted by Membean
7 years ago

Membean at the Beach

Earlier this month, the Membean team headed to the Oregon coast for a few days of fun,  relaxation and team building in Lincoln City, OR. We rented a large beach house and packed up our laptops and enough food to last us a week. With snacks, drinks, and a direct view of the ocean, we were ready to relax like a teacher on summer break (with meetings sprinkled in).

The first night was spent by preparing and eating dinner as a team, followed by pool, board games, and Telepictionary, AKA “The Greatest Game in the World.” If you’ve never played, learn how here!

The second day, we took an excursion to Drift Creek Falls. We hiked the trails and took a few photo opportunities by the waterfall. And getting a little work done at the beach was easy breezy.

The last evening, we had a lavish dinner at The Bay House. Complete with drinks, appetizers, and plenty of good conversation.

The Beach Retreat was a great success – and we got a little work done too! As a team, we reflected on the history of Membean by creating a timeline which included personal and business milestones. By adding our goals and objectives for the next 10 years, we created an exciting timeline with ambitious targets!

How do you unwind after a long school year? Do you get together with your colleagues or opt for time alone? We would love to hear your summer stories!