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7 years ago

Multi-Correct Multiple Choice Questions.

Want harder questions to ensure that your student really knows a word?  We have them!  This week you’ll have the ability to include multi-correct sentence multiple choice questions on assessments.

What is it?

A multi-correct question, also known as a SATA (Select All That Apply) question, is a multiple-choice question that requires a student to select all valid answers from supplied choices. Distractors are carefully constructed to ensure that the student understands word nuance and isn’t merely guessing from supplied choices. Here’s an example:

Multi-correct example

The distractors were constructed to include alternate words that would be commonly mistaken for the headword. Amnesia and ambassador above are good distractors for amnesty.

Here’s another example with correct answers highlighted:
Multi-correct with answers highlighted


There’s no partial credit. A student must correctly select all correct choices in order to be receive points for the question. This requirement makes it a harder question. Each completely correct question will be awarded one point.  For instance, the example below would not receive one point because only one of the correct answers was selected:
No partial credit

Including it in assessments

Including these questions in your assessments is as simple as checking a box when you issue an assessment:
Check to issue mc multicorrect

If you check the box, a maximum of 20% of questions on each assessment will be of this type.

Roadmap on multi-correct

This is the initial release of the multi-correct question type, and we have other features and enhancements in the works:

  1. You’ll have the ability to control the number of questions of this type (currently 20%) that will appear in a given assessment.
  2. We are working on also rolling this out to advanced middle-school users. Starting the next school year, select middle schools will have the option of issuing these questions.
  3. SATA questions will show up in other forms as well (hint: our Word Spectrum Memlet will have multi-correct questions too).

We’ve written in excess of 15,000 sentences to get this challenging question type ready for you. Please let us know what you think of them!